Spring 2024 Colors

April 13, 2024


Spring 2024 promises to be a season of renewal in the fashion world, with a color palette that will stand out for both its diversity and its ability to reflect individual style.

This year, color trends are going to focus on offering options for everyone, from soft pastels to more vibrant and saturated colors, adapting to different tastes and styles.

Here are the color trends for spring 2024, based on reports from Pantone and Vogue Spain, two of the most authoritative sources on fashion trends.


Trending Spring Colors According to Pantone

Pantone has released its color trend report for spring 2024, highlighting ten main colors and five new staples.

This year’s selection ranges from Horizon Blue, a blue that highlights the confluence of sea and sky, to Bistro Green, a rich, vibrant green.

Also mentioned is Chutney, an earthy brown to bring a touch of naturalness to your outfits.


Horizon Blue Dress Spring Colors 2024


Vogue’s spring-summer 2024 outlook.

For its part, Vogue Spain has indicated a preference for pastel colors for spring-summer 2024, with light blue and soft pink leading the way.

However, the magazine has also acknowledged the presence of more intense colors such as orange and green. These have been present in the collections of brands such as Loewe and Marni.

In addition, they also mentioned the influence of metallic tones, such as gold and silver, in the proposals of Rabanne and Balenciaga.




Spring 2024 Color Highlights

  • Mauve and Lilac: These colors are a versatile option for the season, adapting to both elegant looks and more casual styles.
  • Pink: Varies from bubblegum tones to less saturated versions, offering alternatives for different preferences and occasions.
  • Butter Yellow: This soft shade is becoming a popular choice for garments such as dresses, as it adds luminosity and freshness.
  • Pastel Greens: Although to a lesser extent, pastel greens are finding their place in the season, bringing a touch of tranquility and connection with nature.
  • Orange: From tangerine to softer options, orange promises to be one of the safest bets for spring 2024.
  • Baby Blue: Confirmed as a trend for several fashion weeks, this color brings serenity and freshness to the season’s palette.




Renewal of Classic Colors

For this season, Pantone has also introduced renewed concepts of classic colors, to enhance the presence of our closet basics.

Two perfect examples of this evolution are Brilliant White and Deep Well:

Brilliant White is a pure white capable of bringing a sense of freshness to any outfit, acting as a clear base to combine with other colors.

On the other hand, Deep Well is a dark, almost black tone that gives a more stable feeling, which is perfect for more serious or formal looks.





As we have seen, this spring 2024 season is characterized by a wide range of colors that invite us to personal expression and creativity.

From soft pastel shades to more intense colors, and some reinvented basics, these trends offer us a rich palette to experiment and find those colors that best reflect one’s personality.

This spring’s fashion will not only be about following trends, but also about finding ways to express individuality through color, we encourage you to dare with these colors!


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