Discover the Ubrique Leather Fair 2024

March 29, 2024

Ubrique, a picturesque village located between the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park and Los Alcornocales Natural Park, has once again become the epicenter of the leather industry in the leather goods sector, with the celebration of the Bajo la Piel 2024 Fair.  

¿What is Bajo la Piel 2024?

The Ubrique Leather Fair 2024, held from March 21 to 24, has been an event that has brought together the best of leather goods. This fair has shown the quality and tradition in the manufacture of leather for which Ubrique is recognized worldwide. With the slogan “Bajo la Piel”, that means Under the Skin”, the celebration has stood out for paying tribute to the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship of the town. And even being its first edition, it has managed to bring together a wide range of exhibitors and visitors. Among them, in this first year, Josep Sont, CEO of Pytón and vice-president of ASEFMA, participated. Accompanied by leading figures such as Xavi Badía, CEO of Curtidos Badía, and Jordi Vidal, Director of Leather Clúster Barcelona.  

Josep Sont Ubrique Leather Fair 2024

During his talk, Josep highlighted the importance of sustainability in leather goods, emphasizing the growth in certifications and controls as a continuous process towards improvement. Josep’s reflection on generational change highlighted a challenge shared by the entire sector. He stressed the need to value and preserve manual work as an exceptional art form. A work that has to be dignified and of which the worker has to feel proud to perform.

Institutional support and clear objectives

The support of the Diputación de Cádiz and the Junta de Andalucía, have made evident the importance of this fair for the region.   Ubrique Leather Fair 2024 During his presentation, have been present the mayor Mario Casillas, the provincial president Almudena Martinez del Junco, and the delegate of the regional government Mercedes Colombo. What highlights the desire of Ubrique to demonstrate the values and economic relevance that the leather industry has for the municipality.

Sustainability, a great pillar

At the heart of the Bajo la Piel Fair is a commitment to sustainability. The leather industry in Ubrique is a model of how respect for the environment and the adoption of sustainable practices can coexist with the production of luxury goods. Ubrique has given us some clear examples of how it is possible to minimize environmental impact while still offering products of the highest quality. Using, for example, by-products from the meat industry, and recycling materials.  

Bajo la Piel de Ubrique: Collaborations and milestones

A highlight of the fair’s preparation has been the collaboration with local groups on projects such as the creation of signage from recycled wooden pallets. This initiative not only underscored a commitment to sustainability but also celebrated Ubrique’s rich tradition of craftsmanship, connecting the community and promoting a greener future. In addition, in an effort to recognize the region’s technological legacy, a special event was held to declare the “patacabra” as Andalusia’s technological heritage. This tool has been essential in the manufacture of leather goods, traditionally used to stretch and shape leather.   Patacabra-Ubrique Leather Fair 2024

Conclusions: A Bright Future for the Leather Industry

The first edition of the Feria Bajo la Piel de Ubrique has marked an important milestone for the community and the local leather goods industry. Despite the initial organizational challenges and the need for a more defined structure for future editions, the fair has managed to unify the community and show Ubrique’s commitment to tradition, innovation and sustainability. From Pytón, we want to express our sincere thanks to all the organizers. From the mayor, councilors, territorial delegates, MOVEX, the School of Artisans, to all the other participants and attendees who have made this event possible. Your dedication and effort have been key to the success of the Feria Bajo la Piel de Ubrique. Thanks to you Ubrique continues to reaffirm itself as a benchmark of innovation and tradition in leather goods.   Ubrique Leather Fair

  For those of you who want to explore more about the fair, we invite you to visit the official website of the Ubrique Leather Fair, and to watch this video by Todoves, which summarizes what this first edition of the event was like.
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